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I'm so glad you're here.

Whether you’re still in the middle of a season of loss that seems like it will never end or on the other side of loss wondering how to move forward, you are at a point in your journey that's just one page of your story.

This is not the end.

Come join me in learning about whatever is behind us in the rearview mirror may be the hardest and best parts of our stories.

My Mission

My mission is to help you grow in your relationship with God, encourage you in seasons of hurt and loss, and point you to ways you can learn more about Him, draw nearer to Him, and be honest with Him. 

Hi! I'm Sonia

If we were together right now, we'd be sitting together on a couch in a coffee shop. No, not the dumpster rescue ratty one that is "gray" and worn from seeing better days. The comfy one. The one where your face lights up because not one person has snagged it yet (hallelujah!). The fluffy, soft couch that hugs you when you sit on it. That one. In the sunny spot next to the window, furthest from the whir of the coffee shop blender and the barista banging the espresso grinds out of the machine. Sweatpants and trucker hat on. 

And girl, as we talked, laughed, and cupped our mugs in our hands, I'd want to tell you that story. But instead, I'd tell you the truth. My story came with a lot of heartache and hard. 

But then God… 

Those three words change everything. 

The biggest most important part of my story? The Lord God.

We don't get to choose our story. But we do get to tell it. 

I have a story to tell that's still unfolding. And I love to connect with others' stories too.


5 Ways God Answers Us

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